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Tip of the Day
Don't let F.O.N.I.L. (Fear of Needing it Later) keep you from enjoying a simple, decluttered life right now! If you're not using something now donate it to someone who actually needs it!


Professional Organizing for Home and Office

Everyone wants to be organized.  Disorganization gets worse and affects many aspects of our lives. Maybe you're ready to get organized, but don't know how to get started. You may have seen shows or read books and blogs, but now its time to make decluttering and organizing your spaces a reality; and whatever your situation, we're here to help you make it happen now!

Staging Services

Staging property well is shown to increase the speed and price of property sales. Because the majority of buyers shop around online before looking at homes in person, the pictures of your home have to stand out to bring buyers in. -Read More

Design, Decorating, and Styling

Have you ever looked at a room in a magazine or on Pinterest and thought “that’s gorgeous...but it wouldn’t last 2 days with my kids.” If so we are the interior designers for you!


We like to call ourselves “functional designers” because for us, every space needs to look fabulous and function perfectly too. We first find out what you need, how your space is used for, who uses it, how often, your budget etc. then we de-clutter the space, design it and put it all together in a beautiful, organized way that works for each client. We love shopping at Target or Ethan Allen and everything in between, depending on your budget and needs.  We love finding great deals on quality pieces for our clients. -Read More


"Rachel and her organizers changed my life! Seven people and eight pets live in my house and TONS OF CLUTTER! I hate clutter and love being organized but when I feel overwhelmed I feel paralyzed.


Rachel and her team went through my house room by room and worked their magic. They made the process so easy and my house is organized, functional, and easy to maintain."

Meet Our Team
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Co-founder & Principal Professional Organizer

With many years of experience, Rachel supervises the work done by the entire team, in addition to heading her own projects.

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Co-founder & Professional Organizer

Geoff specializes in organizing electronics and constructing furniture. He also has a keen eye for detail to ensure that work is done to a high standard.

Professional Organizer & Personal Stylist

Jane has many years of experience as a personal stylist. Her eye for aesthetics and function compliments her as an organizer and designer.

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Professional Organizer

Paula is a fantastic declutterer and is great in creating simple neat spaces out of chaos. Her strong academic background makes her an excellent problem solver.

Professional Organizer

Kelcey loves creating and designing clean organized spaces. As a licensed cosmetologist, she works to help our clients feel good about themselves as well as their homes.

Professional Organizer

Becky excels in seeing the big picture--how a room should look and function. She dives into her projects head first and works tirelessly to make vision become reality.

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