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Business Services

We offer several service options that can be adapted to your office needs, from your personal office to a new filing system to whole department makeovers. We will work closely with all who use the space to make sure everyone is happy with our direction and the final outcome. 
Our initial consultation & plan of action service is available anywhere online. All our services are currently available in the Greater Salt Lake area and Utah County.  
One of our trademarks is our team projects. Our team members work efficiently to complete specific projects as quickly as possible. This allows for rapid transformations of your spaces. 
We also offer hourly organizing for smaller projects and general services, or for clients who want to hire us for only a part of a project.
The following icons link to a description of some of our basic services. Because our services are personalized, the time it takes to complete a project, and the total cost may vary. On our first meeting, or through an initial consultation and plan of action, we will give a detailed estimate.

Click on each picture for more information about the specific service.
Perfect the Breakroom
Personalized Plan of Action
Reclaim Personal Offices
Functional Design for Offices
Reclaim Your Whole Office
Power over Paperwork at the Office
Moving Offices
Hourly Services
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