Staging Services


Let us help your property stand out and sell quickly!

Click here to view a Prezi presentation on staging, complete with before and after pictures of projects.

Benefits of Staging

Let us help your property look amazing online so buyers will come and love it even more in person! These days, (especially during a pandemic) buyers look online before they ever go to walk through a home so pictures are more important than ever. With our variety of trendy furniture and decor, we can show off our your home's best features, update it as needed, and make it memorable online and in person. Studies have shown again and again that staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes, so it's always the best option!


To get started, contact Rachel at 801-494-3510 (call or text). Or send us an email at 

Our prices are:

Consultation Fee $150 (will be subtracted from total price after the staging)

$500/room for full design plan, placement of all furniture and decor for 30 days, and removal when you're ready. 

If needed you can rent everything for an additional 30 days $250/room. (Most of the homes we stage sell and close within 30 days, though.)

Unlike most staging companies we don't have any other extra fees! 

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