Staging Services


Jumpstart selling, then move with ease.

Benefits of Staging

Click here to view a Prezi presentation on staging, complete with before and after pictures of projects.

Market Your Property and Move with Confidence

Moving is a chore but we can take some of the pain away from two of the most stressful parts of the process--selling and packing up. Staging property well is shown to increase the speed and price of property sales. Our interior stylists and professional organizers are also skilled stagers. Let us declutter, organize, and stage your property to help you put your best foot forward.

Once your property is sold, we can organize your packing to make it much easier to unload and organize your new property.



Every property needs a unique approach to staging. An ideal staging job matches the feel of the whole property, in addition to current trends. It's also important to consider other property on the market in your area. The property should appeal to a broad demographic while having character and personality. We approach each project with fresh eyes and do some research before we start.

We will stage furnished and vacant properties. We can coordinate with sub-contractors, like painters and handymen, for you as well. We'll work with what you have and bring in what's needed. 

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