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Realtor Services

Realtors, do you have clients who need help getting their homes cleared out and looking great so you can sell it for the best price possible?  If so, we can help! We are a professional home and office organization company and one service we offer is helping people move out and into their homes and offices. Unlike moving companies, we help your client go through their items and decide what to keep and what we can haul away to be donated, recycled or taken to the landfill. We can even help your client sell valuable items if they are interested. We can then stage each room for sale and pack up and label the rest of their belongings so they are ready to be moved out at any time. Last of all, we clean all the areas we worked on with the client so the house is ready to go on the market.


After the house is sold we can come back and pack everything else that was left out for staging and make all the arrangements for it to be moved, set up and organized in their new home. We can do all or part of these services as needed so if you know a client who could use our help give us a call and we can make a plan and estimate and get the job done!



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