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Clear the clutter, make room for joy!
reclaim the room. reclaim your life.



Good organization is life changing!


When things in your home and workplace clutter your lives, we help you to clear out, simplify, and organize your space. Our service is personalized and designed to meet the needs of each client. We aim not only to improve your living and working space but to help you enhance your lifestyle and well-being. 


Studies show that being organized improves your emotional and physical health, as well as your relationships with others. And some people even lose weight as they remove clutter!  It definitely increases your productivity and efficiency.


And you will certainly save money!




Let's face it. Most of us have too much stuff. It fills drawers and cupboards, closets and corners, basements and even storage units. We see it, and it stresses us out. We don't see it, and it makes it hard for us to find what we want. Eventually, we have to clear the clutter, and it is a daunting task. What's important? What's not? And where do we put it anyway? What do we do with our kids' art projects from 3rd grade? What about those nice tools that we got from our Dad, but will never use? We can throw stuff out; we can give it away. And yet, often, new clutter takes its place.


We're here to set up decluttering systems that work for you--something sustainable that declutters not only the space, but the people living in it as well. Don't worry; we won't get rid of anything without your permission. Our process follows Rachel's 4-Step Method.



We don’t just declutter and put things away neatly, though that certainly is a part of it. We are consultants and personal consultants. Throughout our process, we help you become more organized so that you can keep up what we achieve together. We are always available for your support, but we want to help you become the expert of your own home’s organization.

Organizational Consulting and Coaching
Team Organizing

We employ a team of organizers and assistants. This allows us to get a job done faster and more efficiently to save you time and money. It's nice to end the day with a finished project, instead of a work in progress. It looks and feels better, and the work is less likely to come undone between sessions. We will assemble the best team members for your particular job and get it done quickly!


Service to Meet Your Budget
We charge $50/ hour for a professional organizer. Assistants on a team have a lower rate.
We work to make the service meet your budget, including potential cost recovery through sales.


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