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Functional Design


Beautiful, Personal, Sustainable
reclaim the room. reclaim your life.

Style + Function

Every space can look great and function amazingly well too!

Have you ever looked at a room in a magazine or on Pinterest and thought “that’s gorgeous...but it wouldn’t last 2 days with my kids.” If so we are the interior designers for you!


We like to call ourselves “functional designers” because for us, every space needs to look fabulous and function perfectly too. We first find out what you the space is used for, who uses it, how often, your budget etc. then we de-clutter the space, design it and put it all together in a beautiful, organized way that works for each client. We love shopping at Target or Ethan Allen and everything in between, depending on your budget and needs.  We love finding great deals on quality pieces for our clients.


Functional Interior Design by the Hour

We will meet with you, see your space, figure out the best way for it to function for you & make a design plan with an estimate. Once it has been approved by you we will purchase the furniture & pieces, hire and coordinate subcontractors (if paint, carpet, custom shelving etc. are what you chose) and put it all together. $90/ hour for two functional designer/ professional organizers.

Holiday Decorating

Let us decorate your home or office for the holidays! We can work with what you already have, suggest something new, purchase what you want and put it all together in a beautiful, festive design. When the holiday is over we will come and take everything down and put it away in organized and labeled bins for you. $70/ hour for a professional organizer/ decorator + assistant

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