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Personalized Plan of Action

We understand that our clients want to get an idea of the scope of a project before hiring a service to complete it so we offer free in-home estimates. Through an initial consultation, we help our clients to come to terms with what they really want and need, as well as what it takes to get there. For approximately 30 minutes, one of our professional organizers will walk through your living space with you and offer advice and general direction. Then, we will write up a personalized plan of action that you can use to carry out your organizing goals. At that point, we offer our services to carry out that plan of action, though there is no obligation to continue with us. 

This plan is a valuable map for you to organize your space, and you can use it to get well on your way with your project. Plans often change and grow, however, and our continued service provides the best value for your personal development and the development of your space. With our expertise, our team can execute your plan in a very timely fashion. Plus, starting with an initial consultation and plan of action will reduce the amount of time required to complete team projects.

We have an online option for a reduced rate. We’ll have you give us a virtual tour of your space, during the consultation period, and give you advice and direction similar to an in-person consultation session. We’ll also produce your plan of action to carry out your goals.




Free in-home estimates!

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