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Meet our Team


reclaim the room. reclaim your life.

Rachel Biesinger

Rachel is co-founder and principal professional organizer of Reclaim the Room and vice-president of Biesinger, LLC.


As principal professional organizer and functional interior designer, she manages the team and inspires us all with her cheerful disposition and extensive knowledge. With many years of experience, she supervises the work done by the entire team, in addition to heading her own projects.

She specializes in organizational systems, kids' clothes, kitchens, and meal planning. She has organized in Hawaii, Japan and all over Utah. Like her husband, Geoff, she speaks Japanese and loves Japan.

Rachel loves the ocean, dark chocolate, cooking, running, and bringing order to people's lives.

Geoff Biesinger

Geoff is co-founder of Reclaim the Room and president of Biesinger, LLC.


In addition to managing the company, Geoff works as a professional organizer and functional interior designer.


He specialize in organizing electronics and constructing furniture. He has a keen eye for detail and ensures that work done by subcontractors is done to a high standard.


He has two master's degrees and is fluent in Japanese. He loves writing and language and doing just about anything with his wife and kids.

Jane Sanderson

Jane is our personal stylist and an experienced professional organizer. 


She is very skilled and experienced at what she does. She worked as team lead at Buckle for 5 years. Then she worked as active manager over handbags, lingerie, and hosiery at Nordstrom for 8 years. She was also personal stylist manager at Nordstrom's City Creek location.


In addition to being a personal stylist, she is also a professional organizer and functional interior designer.  She has also done several major interior design projects, including one for a non-profit organization in Salt Lake City, and absolutely loves it.


Jane has a degree in art/photography and does well visualizing how things should be. She has a knack for helping people feel and look their best. She loves spending time with her husband, son and little corgi dog named Lopen.


Kelcey Andrus

Kelcey is an experienced  professional organizer for Reclaim the Room.

Kelcey is also a licensed cosmetologist and has been for over a decade. She loves using her creativity and skill to make people look and feel their best. 

She is the mother of three cute kids and the wife to a firefighter. She grew up in a home with a very organized and stylish mother, who has helped her learn organizing and decorating techniques from a young age. She also had a hard working father, who taught her the value of hard work and how use tools safely at their family-owned fence company.


She continues to use those skills in her personal and professional life. 

Her own home is well-organized, labeled, and beautifully decorated. She's handy at minor repairs and projects around the house. 

 She has been reorganizing for friends and family for years and enjoys the feeling of a freshly cleaned and reorganized space. 


Becky Wilson

Becky is an experienced professional organizer for Reclaim the Room.


She has experience with all kinds of projects, and she has a knack for seeing what needs to be improved and jumping in to get it done.


As Rachel’s sister, she has teamed up with her to do many projects since decluttering, organizing and labeling the marching band uniform closet in high school!


She has many talents, especially singing, and has enjoyed living in Maryland, Virginia and Utah.


She loves being a Mom of 4, cheering at softball games and living by the pond in Salem, Ut.

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