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Personal Styling
Find your style; make life fit!


reclaim the room. reclaim your life.
Everyone deserves to look amazing!
Let us help you discover and express your own personal style, on any budget, and keep it simple and organized so you can keep it up.
Why Choose Our Personal Stylist?
  • Fashion expert
  • Helps you look and feel your best, at any budget
  • Helps you discover your personal style
  • Gives expert advice at a great value. 
...And she'll come to you—personal in-home services are provided!


Closet Edit or Refresh

(includes stylist and

professional organizer)

You probably have a closet full of clothes, let us help you know the best way to use them! We will help you find the clothes that look best on you, find new outfit combinations and help you make a wishlist of new clothes to buy. We will also donate the clothes you don’t want and tell you where and how to sell the ones that are worth selling. We will then organize your closet so you can easily find and put away your new outfits and enjoy doing it. $195 for a 2-hour session with a personal stylist + professional organizer ($95/ hour for each additional hour, as needed)


Included in 2-hour Session

  • Consultation on client clothing preferences

  • Trying out outfits

  • Cleaning and organizing closet

  • Setting up Pinterest boards

  • Fashion advice based on personal traits, like body shape

  • Creating a wishlist for wardrobe items

  • Notation on alterations and other details

  • Advice on where to take sellable clothing

  • Removing unwanted clothing for donation

Shopping with the Stylist

Our stylist is available to help you get the apparel that you want to try out and purchase. We offer two options:

  1. In-home Service. Our stylist will purchase items, according to the client's wardrobe budget and preferences. She will bring the clothing to the client's how to try on. $50/ hour for a personal stylist

  2. In-store Accompaniment. Our stylist will go to a store or two with the client and help them find items that match their wardrobe needs. She will consult with clients as they try them out in the store. $100 for a 2-hour session with a personal stylist.
    ($50/ hour for each additional hour, as needed)

Jane Sanderson
(Personal Stylist, Professional Organizer)
Jane has experience styling for a variety of clients and occasions. She's styled for children, teens, and adults of all ages and in all kinds of work. Her experience also includes styling for special events, like weddings.
She also has a lot of experience styling for department store clients. She worked at Buckle for 5 years as team lead. Following that, she worked as an active manager at Nordstrom for 8 years over handbags, lingerie, and hosiery. She was also the personal stylist manager at Nordstrom's City Creek location.
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