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Why professional organizing is worth the cost

Hiring a professional organizing team is not cheap but so worth it! Here are some reasons why.

1-It saves you money! Being disorganized is costly. You spend money on late fees, buying things you have but can’t find, eating out because your kitchen is a disaster etc. Also, many people in a cluttered state are there because they buy too much stuff for a variety of reasons. Going through this process helps them stop doing that.

Also, often we will help you find something of value you lost or even actual money! Last month I helped a client find a total of $600 in cash that was hidden amongst all the clutter in the home and garage.

2-It helps you emotionally. I have had so many clients express how they didn’t expect to feel so much better emotionally after we helped them declutter and organize. When you declutter your space you feel so much better emotionally. Most people don’t realize the burden they are carrying with all their clutter until it’s gone and they feel so much lighter.

3-It saves you time. Being disorganized is frustrating and it takes up a lot of your time. Clutter means you are constantly losing and looking for keys, wallets, remotes and other things. Many people with too much clutter are chronically late to appointments and events.

Also, if you have someone coming over to your house you have to set aside a whole afternoon or even an entire day to shove things in closets and under furniture to make your house presentable. Basic chores take so much longer and rarely get done when you have to move a bunch of clutter to do them.

4-It promotes better health. There have been several studies about people who simplify and declutter their lives having more success losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle.

5-It’s hard to do on your own and takes much longer. It makes it so much easier when you can have an organizing team sweep in and completely declutter, organize and label an entire room in a 4 hour session when it would have taken you 4 Saturdays of work, or worse, never been completed at all.

6-Our team helps you sell things you don’t need and that can really add up! Many people have good intentions to sell things but have no idea what’s worth selling and what isn’t, how long it takes, how to find the best buyers etc. We are experts at that and will get things sold quickly. We will also donate the things that aren’t worth selling to a registered charity and bring you back a receipt that you can use for tax write offs!

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