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Keeping your hand towel where it should be!

Ok, so maybe this only happened at my house but it seemed like whenever I went into the bathroom to wash my hands the hand towel has been thrown on the counter or floor-gross! I change hand towels often, usually daily, and I want it to stay put once I hang it up! Anyway, if you’re like me than you will probably appreciate this tip. I know I’m not the first or only one to think of this but I came up with this last year when we were running a school in Japan and successfully kept all the hand towels hung up in the school bathrooms and kitchen with this tip. Sometimes it’s the little things! So here’s the tip…

Tip: Once you hang up a fresh towel, use a binder clip or clothes pin to keep the towel in place. You can even fold the towel over it so you don’t see it if you like.

Another tip that goes along with this that I’ve discovered is putting an extra hand towel lower where young kids can reach. Some places, like in our bathroom, the younger kids can’t reach the towel without climbing on the counter and as we know, the easier it is for kids to wash their hands, the better! I use this over the cupboard door towel rack but many kinds of hooks would also work.

Give it a try at your home and let me know what you think!

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