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How to Organize & Pare down on kids' clothes

As a professional organizer, I developed this system for parents who struggle with too many clothes for their children, which is very common. This causes all kinds of problems, stress and laundry that can be avoided! It has worked well for many of my clients and I get asked about it a lot so I decided to write a blog post about it.

I have also linked to the checklist that you can print out to use as you work on this.

The whole idea behind this is to only have clothes that your children love, will wear, look nice and fit them right now in their closet and drawers. It also eliminates the problem of having more shirts than pants or something that doesn't have anything to go with it so it never gets worn.

The reason my clients have loved this system is because it's simple for the parents and makes it easy for the kids to be able to get themselves dressed in the morning, help fold (or roll in this case) laundry and help put their own clothes away. I always want to help kids be as self sufficient as their age allows. This system also makes packing for a vacation a breeze and makes it much easier to buy clothes when needed.