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Our professionals aim to provide you with the best value for the services we render. We've seen home and office organization change lives, but we realize that hiring our services is an investment. 
We employ a team of professionals and assistants, assembled according to the needs of a given project. We reduce costs by using assistants, who are available for lower rates, to speed up the work of professional organizers. The rates for professional organizers and assistants are given below, but the total hourly cost for the team varies according to the number of professional organizers and assistants that are needed.
Every client has different needs and a different budget, so we offer a free initial consultation and estimate.

Cost Recovery


We have sellers that can sell your items for you! (Our sellers do require a sales commission to compensate for costs of storage and selling items.)


Some items are worth selling and some are not; sometimes it is better to donate. We will bring you back the receipt for all donations, which you can use for a tax write-off. Of course, you always have the final call on what to sell, donate, or throw away.

Let us give you a free in-home consultation and estimate to see how cost-effectively and efficiently we can complete your project.

Organizing & Decluttering

Service Rates:


$50/ hour for one professional organizer

$40/ hour for each additional professional organizer

Functional Interior Design

Service Rates:

Functional Interior Design

$90/ hour for two functional designers

Holiday Decorating

$70/ hour for a decorator + assistant

Fashion Styling

Session Rates:


Closet Update or Refresh

$195 for a 2-hour session with a personal stylist + professional organizer ($95/ hour for each additional hour, as needed)



Shopping with the Stylist



$200 for 4 hours (Stylist shops for you and brings the merchandise to your home. Avg. two hours for shopping and two hours for trying out items and consulting with the client).


$100 for a 2-hour session with a personal stylist.

($50/ hour for each additional hour, as needed)

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