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reclaim the room. reclaim your life.


Service Rates:


Consultation Fee $150


$1300 for our 3 room package (front room, kitchen/dining and master bedroom. (Includes Full design plan, placement of all furniture and decor for 30 days, and removal when you're ready.) 

Each additional room is $300-$400

*If the property is furnished & we are able to use some of the furniture we can work out an even better price.


If needed you can rent everything for an additional 30 days for half of your original price. (Most of the homes we stage sell and close within 30 days, though.)

Organizing & Decluttering

Service Rates:


$90/ hour for 2 professional organizers

$25/hour more for each assistant

Functional Interior Design

Service Rates:

Functional Interior Design

$90/ hour for two functional designers

Holiday Decorating

$90/ hour for 2 decorators

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