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Reclaim the Workplace

This is a life-changing event for everyone in your workplace; it’s like everyone getting a new office! A completely fresh start, without taking too much of your valuable time.


After we help you make a comprehensive plan for an organized, functional work space, we clear everything out and categorize everything. The senior organizer then works with individual employees, as necessary, to get input on what is most important for their offices and how we can make that happen. First, we remove the unwanted materials and clean the space. Then, we put everything back together again according to the organization systems that we created together. We leave you with a fresh, functional, sustainable workspace, as well as the training to keep it that way.


This is an especially good option for new and growing companies, in addition to those working in survival mode, who need a drastic transformation in a short period of time. We bring our whole team and get the job done quickly. This is a financial investment, but there is no questioning the value and future savings that you’ll earn.


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